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Fiat Lux

From Day Alpha to Day Omega

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12 October 1989
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This journal is the collective property of the Superhuman Crew, a group of people that are aware how insane we sound to be saying this sort of thing....and really not that interested in criticism of our insanity. In days gone by, the madman was able to point out sins of the commoner and the noble alike. Our own madness enables us to do likewise. Insane we may be, and are, but we see the world in a way that is our own. Judge us not, let us be, and accept that in all things, clarity can come from insanity, especially when the madmen (and women) know that we are mad.

We live a relatively hum-drum average life, and are relatively pleased with it. We care not for drama, and we prefer to live our lives in obscurity. We live in hurricane alley, and accept the contradictions and strangeness of our lives just fine. We feel it is not too much to ask that people return that small favor.

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