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Godzilla, default

August 2017


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Godzilla, default

The Shadow On the Moon at Night:

Gotham City, June 5th, 1962: 

The first sign of the darkness that befell the city in what would later become known as the Desolation of Gotham, for a time until the city was rebuilt with the kind of ability bequeathed in the wake of the years the Stars Fell, when the men and women from Krypton and the Justice Society went to war with the Azar of Azarath, a monster from beyond the stars, was when the skies began to change over the city. None would have thought, then, to connect it with the birth of two infants sired under strange circumstances to two mothers who'd connected closely.

Of the two, Susan Meir had understood the reason for that connection where Angela Roth did not. They had met, one enraptured in love, one fleeing a monstrous entity summoned in a rite of damnation, the other in love with a cosmic being who'd promised her worlds and indeed delivered. Through the long months of pregnancy, Susan Meir had counseled Angela Roth and taught her mystic arts of grand and wonderful aspects, arts and deeds taught to her by a God from beyond the stars. Arella, as Angela had renamed herself, proved a very adept pupil indeed and the two women, recently recovered from the births, had come to the hospital to see their infants.

How strange it was to see two infants doomed and damned by the ill hands of fate to live lives accursed by their fathers, yet unaware of this. One a being of standard Caucasian coloration, with bright blue eyes reflecting her mother, the other a being of brown skin with pupilless white eyes. The two mothers' whole world was in that view and in the contentment there.

Each had known of the darkness that had descended, the suicides at the accursed facility of Hezekiah Arkham founded in the wake of the God from the Stars and her kindred reaving across this world in the dawn of the age of wonders. The Somnambulist Riots that had swept the city leaving cars burning and roiling violence worse than anything Joker Venom or the ill hands and actions of Clayface or Solomon Grundy could introduce. Even the Batman had been helpless against the kind of violence that was occurring, and some dark whispers spoke of the strange Church of Blood where the building, one strangely beautiful and tragic had become derelict and rotting overnight, something condemned yet not taken down after attempts to do so had led people to run stark raving mad screaming of a monstrous red being with four eyes who'd spoken in dark and somber echoes of a future where all that would be would die.

A few elderly remembered the stars changing when the Gods from the Stars had descended decades ago and had chosen various means of suicide. These were among the lucky ones, for as the women stared at their infants, the skies pulsed with unlight. A monster descended, unique among her kindred, for her gauntlets and boots were normal sized for a fourteen foot tall half-human monster with a face shaped like a dish. Like a star fallen from Heaven she fell, landing on the outskirts of Gotham near Arkham like the clanging of a funeral bell.

The God on the Gilded Throne, the center of the multiversal abomination that was the Azar of Azarath raised herself to her feet after a three-point landing that cratered the ground and left columns of ash and smoke. She raised herself with an unnatural smile, muscles rasping and the peeling of her lips from her fanged grin sounding like sloshing in a swamp. She raised one of her gauntlets, smiling in satisfaction that these were her true hands with no need for the Rings to connect her Avatars to her.

A roiling wave of destruction struck out, everything in its path beginning to crumble and to die. Within Arkham a generation of criminals died in gasping pain, to be replaced in future generations not by theatrical performance artists driven by poverty and strife but by monsters with mental derangement and a connection to the second Batman. The wave accelerated outward and she moved calmly as a whirlwind of destruction, laughing with a set of thunderclaps, her hands grasping and pulling apart individuals, cars, animals. Her wave of power caused all insect and below lifeforms to shrivel and die, humans gasping in pain and shock as the bacteria within and within them shriveled likewise, and she moved with that same swiftness to her first target.

The green-haired face with its rictus was a successor to a criminal of the 1930s, a foe of the Crimson Avenger. As with his predecessor he couldn't not smile, but unlike his predecessor the sight of the moving monstrosity led him to start crying as she effortlessly lifted him with one hand and he kicked feebly in the air. as she cocked her head and then with a feather-light movement his head erupted off his shoulders. Her movements continued as she licked her lips savoring the taste. She continued the whirlwind of movement, her rasping muscles an eerie accompaniment to a silent wave of massacre, most victims torn asunder before they knew what hit them.

Indeed such was her intent to overawe and to terrify that her movements followed with a rain of severed hands and feet, herding the inhabitants of the doomed city to their destruction. Her inhuman eyesight permitted her to see her real target, Gotham Memorial Hospital, and as she careened downward, she saw the terrified form of the Batman as he faced off against an equally terrified and desperate Riddler, the sole member of the usual Arkham crowd to have avoided the destruction of the facility.

Gotham died, Gotham disintegrated, and the monster landed again with a seismic impact and crater, bursting the street apart and standing in the wake of the devastation, laughing and stunning all in the carefully herded set of lambs to the slaughter with the primordial foghorn-like sound of the Trombone. That sound did finally clue the mothers in to the increasingly frantic attitude outside the hospital and to the doctors' and nurses' increasing fright at being unable to leave the place or do more than pretend that all was well with their manner and their facial expressions even when words decided otherwise.

To the crowd outside the sound alone and the psychic knives within it killed many of them. Batman and the Riddler alike were made of sterner stuff, and as the Azar strode toward them in a deliberate slowness and the echoing thunder of a God made manifest, the smiling face was followed by eyes that began to burn. The God on the Gilded Throne roared in delight and as her hand casually smashed every bone in the Riddler's body with a light slap, she turned to the Batman.

His wife had found him and she too was of stern stuff, nose bleeding, eyes bleeding, mouth bleeding, yet determined enough to grab him and say "Thomas, run!" 

"Martha I-" the Azar's hands moved swiftly and their necks were snapped with light taps as she waded through the crowd, slaying them all as the wave crumbled them all into a blasted heath, sweeping around the city, killing all that was within it. With a light shove the doors of the hospital burst open and each and every individual prepared in suspended animation met more horrible deaths, bodies torn apart and torn in two, and so she came to the third floor, dispatching an Avatar of herself to complete the massacre and indeed halting the wave so the Avatar could have her fun, the Rings sparkling with a brilliant light.

So was it that Susan Meir and Arella beheld a bloodstained monster licking lips that oozed with the splattered blood that had sprayed upon her. A beast that towered over them both, fourteen feet tall out of the armor and within it looking like a barbaric weapon in a coiled spring. A Word of Power and the life within the ward was stilled save four, two infants and two mothers. With a snarl, Susan Meir pulled out a magically enhanced shotgun, speaking Words of Power and then directing sorcerously enhanced blasts as Arella spoke soul-magic, the kind that her daughter would make famous and infamous alike.

The soul-magic seared into the God on the Gilded Throne's Labyrinth, the shotgun blast ripped into her face, her blood splattering as she had splattered others. The God stumbled, fell. Her blood oozed on the ground from her mouth, two more shotgun blasts tearing into her, ripping her flesh to the bone. She groaned in pain, a foghorn-like sound that rattled the building, though only four existed to hear it.

One of the infants, the one with brown skin and white eyes transformed into protective darkness, the other formed a cloud of smoke that no eye could penetrate, unconscious and infantile defense mechanisms as their mothers fought. Four and twenty minutes did they make a God that had devoured countless universes, the body that had once been born to another woman such as they under fourteen hundred years prior kneel before them and bleed. Then the God of the Gilded Throne had enough.

A bestial snarl erupted from her mouth and then she raised herself up, the wounds healing as though they had not been, and with a sudden glow a light began to gather in her throat, and as Susan and Angela raised a shield to protect themselves she raised her head back, took a deep breath, and a roiling column of flame lanced out, the fire consuming Arella in a sudden stifled shriek and shattering the Power that Susan had been given, the lack of oxygen causing her to asphyxiate and then the flames reached her, too.

Blood flowed on the ground, soaking the God's cape, and the Azar strode in, casually phasing through the walls, seeing the blood splattered everywhere but two bassinets. One infant hid from her in a smoke-cloud and for a moment she was entranced at the thought of cover she, with all her omniscience, was blinded by. The other tried to flow out in darkness and reached toward the only other being to protect her, then the God of the Gilded Throne waved a hand and an assertion of trained Will broke their concealment, infants helpless in the hands of a being immensely older and more dangerous than they could have been as yet.

The daughter of Trigon and bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh

And with that a monstrous hand grasped both infants in one hand and the monster strode out, phasing the infants with her through a wall, smiling as she walked out of the hospital, blasting the wall down with a slight flick of one finger. The Unlight grew and the sole building left in the Desolation of Gotham, a blasted heath of grey crumbled ash of life remained to become a derelict and haunted place of dark magic that even the dreadful monster Etrigan awakened from centuries of slumber and the zombie Solomon Grundy, albeit that one drawn by the power of the one who willed it into being shunned.

Only two names became known among the Nine Survivors of the old Gotham, Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne, the four of the Flying Graysons who were Romani native to Gotham and Mary Grayson then pregnant with a child of future portent, and Rachel Roth and Karlee Meir. Two infants whose bassinets were unaffected by blood spatter. The names preserved. Two corpses were still identifiable and left unburied in a twisted kind of shrine, skeletons that still smouldered decades later with the eerie flames that had reduced them.

So had hell come to Gotham with the vengeful fists of a monster that slew all, small and big. It was a night of a faint crescent moon and the leering smile tainted the atrocity that slew a city of millions in a matter of minutes with a wave of destructive and terrifying force that was reminiscent of the Gods from the Stars of the era of the Second World War, the abominations that had led to the formation of the Justice Society and ended the illusion that mankind was ever alone in a somber and terrible universe.

Two infants had vanished, and in their hands out of an atrocity that was a throwback to the dark and bitter past of the human race began an interwoven bloody tapestry of intrigue and darkness.

In the bloodsoaked hospital four eyes formed and a bellow of primordial wrath thwarted beheld the empty bassinet and the smouldering skeleton of the mother he'd bred his first surviving offspring from. And nine golden ones saw the corpse of Susan Meir and with quiet willpower a being briefly stepped through a hole in spacetime in their former apartment and took two golden artifacts for the future.

So things began.


Heey, where have you been! I've been missing you :)
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