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Godzilla, default

August 2017


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Godzilla, default

In the Valley of the Shadow:

 Chapter XX: 

IX Tezelnazaku: 

The Lightdancer walked in mid-air, calmly bestriding a battlefield aflame, Vincent wading through both sides impartially. Sometimes his bare hands literally tore people asunder or choked the life out of them. Other times his body flowed in metallic strands, terrible witch-lightning searing through entire armies, their corpses falling steamed or burned where the lightning struck. Before her stood Suvacel, who after the contact with the monster before her unleashed an awe-inspiring primordial sound with a voice that was not her voice, though her lips were the ones from which the terrible sound came. It was like a foghorn mixed with the primordial roar of an antediluvian leviathan and in its wake madness struck, many falling, some dying on contact with a terrible psychic assault, others entering epileptic fits, the madness skewing aim and causing weapons of war to fall upon the battlefield indiscriminately. 

With the battlefield cleared, the only response amidst twitching and crying and howling survivors and burned and mangled corpses was a silent Lightdancer, standing calmly in mid-air, eyes closed with an eerie look of serenity, the roaring form of the Beast as it leapt downward, throwing itself at a startled Suvacel with impunity, Vincent's witch-lightning blazing with near-blinding intensity as the beams readied direct hits, and the hypersonic maneuvering power of Vizornii Hezhatin. Suvacel roared again, this time unleashing the full measure of her raw physical might as she slammed her fists on the ground, opening deep rifts that swalllowed up corpses and the living, soon to become corpses as vehicles pulverized them, but disabling none of her opponents. 

Indeed, all it did was angle Vincent's beams up slightly to a point that she got direct hits in the face, as the Beast came upon her left and Vizornii on her right. One immense super-strong fist collided into her armored left, the blow registering not at all in a physical sense but maneuvering forward as the blasts of Vizornii Hezhatin's eyebeams caught her crossed arms raised belatedly over her burned, bleeding face. Reduced to kneeling on one knee, blocking the eyebeams and growling as she ducked beneath the rival blows of the foes assailing her, Suvacel then brought her hands together in a thunderous clap that produced visible shimmers of a shockwave that blasted her foes into mountains. 

Vincent alone stood upright, because the alien aspects of the mechanical elements that had replaced his flesh dug deep into the ground. The impact threw the Beast and Vizornii Hezhatin back, but both flipped themselves over and angled themselves downward, only for the Lightdancer to spring into a sudden and swift and surprisingly beautiful for a tremendously tall and robust armored figure movement, landing with one hand splayed on the ground, the other extended out, on both knees. 

With an equally swift movement she raised herself to her feet and it was a blur of silver and white that collided into Suvacel, colliding with the mountainside, an immense armored arm holding her against the rock, seeking to choke her air supply. The movement had been so swift none of the other combatants realized what had been unleashed save Vincent, and even he was stunned at the sheer switfness his Deborah could move when she was well and truly focused. 

Suvacel looked with a shocked gaze. 

That armor you wear is not of your making. You may be a corrupt fallen God's vision of an avatar of warfare, but the products of my hands respond to one will alone. Mine. 

Suvacel tried to hurl the Lightdancer off of her, but the only impact was a set of tremendous shockwaves that further fractured the mountain. The Lightdancer smiled with a terrible and sinister grin, smashing Suvacel further in a set of tremendous craters that began to create a landslide as the mountain fractured increasingly unable to maintain its integrity. 

As Vizornii and the Beast hurled themselves at the battlefield, the Lightdancer casually used her other arm to unleash another shockwave that hurled them miles across the ruins of the battlefield, before removing her arm from Suvacel and then grasping her with that same arm, throwing her across the ruins as Suvacel halted her throwing in mid-air, lunging back with an inarticulate bellow of animalistic rage. 

The Lightdancer casually anchored herself into the ground, crossing her arms in front of her as Suvacel had done, and as Suvacel collided with her a tremendous crater formed in the ground but she remained unmoved and Suvacel, winded by the impact gasped only to feel the Lightdancer's gauntlet clasp her around her throat as the Lightdancer threw her on the ground with a resounding crash. 

The armor, through all of this, was unharmed, but Suvacel whimpered. Her body had been trivially brutalized too much to withstand the impact. Much as she'd seemed to believe herself immortal, death seemed to emb-her eyes suddenly turned green and it was with a deep and sonorous.....sound...that she rose to her feet, launching a blow the Lightdancer's hand easily caught, creating another crater, but this time the Lightdancer felt a tremendously greater force behind it. Suvacel's skin was transforming, seeming to flow with a quasi-liquid aspect, a terrifying green glow was forming, creating an impression of something far more colossal than what had originally been present, a gigantic force of nature, cephalopoidian in face. 

A screeching sonorous bellow echoed, as antediluvian as the Trombone but of a far more ancient aspect. The sound jarred everyone, and the Lightdancer's eyes widened. 

Dear Gods, sister what have you done? Super-soldiers of the Starspawn? Madness! 

The armor Suvacel wore phased through the forming figure, landing before her as a colossus formed nearly a mile in height. A not-unfaithful description would be of a human caricature meshed with a dragon and an octopus, feelers writhing in the air, tremendous claws on each hand and foot. Two gigantic dragon-like wings extended, the creature gazing down at the tremendously small by comparison Lightdancer with six glowing golden eyes. 

The Lightdancer closed her eyes and took a deep breath and then hurled herself forward, eyes glowing, hands above her clenched into fists. She appeared an arc of gleaming silver, a wolf upon the fold as the colossus released another shrieking bellow that seemed to herald a veritable end to all things. Beside them, unnoticed, Vizornii Hezhatin fell to her knees, light beginning to glow through her as the Silver Key's own strength surged in response to the unleashed form of a Starspawn, light shining, and as the light grew the Starspawn immediately noticed it and in wrath extended its claws to grasp the growing lifeform beneath it slipping its bonds, as a glowing silver light progressively careened toward her.