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Godzilla, default

August 2017


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Godzilla, default

In the Valley of the Shadow:

Chapter XV: 

As the Lightdancer hovered over the Crater, Suvacel snarled likewise. The seeming stalemate was broken when the  Beast lunged toward them both, kicking Suvacel on her back and tackling the Lightdancer, hurling her likewise and then fixing his hand on her throat.

That's enough, Lightdancer! You are a God among insects here, why wage a war with one of them? 

The Lightdancer's eyes narrowed and then she laughed, saying:

Here one of the insects has gained the power of an atomic bomb! Should I not fight the insect in such a case? 

Smirking, she then sought to rise from the ground, only for the Beast to snarl:

The madder I get, the stronger I get. Even the most unstoppable force in the universe cannot contain infinite power fueled by the most irrational of all things!

And indeed, the Lightdancer accepted the stalemate, only for Suvacel to rise from the ground and lunge at the Beast, whose enraged fist collided with her armor, the shockwave flattening several soldiers who rose, the few non-metanormal ones falling dead from the concussive force of the blast. The Beast snarled and Suvacel fell to the ground. As he laughed, the Beast then saw the Lightdancer rising, her hands in a calming gesture.

I am not your enemy. 

Suvacel laughed and then teleported away. The first clash of the Gods, that which made VII Telnakazu a Day of Omen, had come to an end.

The Lightdancer then vanished, seemingly, into a shimmering web of distortion in space, appearing in the headquarters of High General Felakzundu.

Greetings, High General. You know who I am.

The keen eyes of the inhuman Fair Folk lord narrowed. In the refined tongue of the nobility of his species, he said, "Tahalavataru. To what do we owe the honor of the Worldbreaker coming to our mere realm? Have we committed some grave fault that you have come to blaze our adopted homeworld from all existence?" 

The Lightdancer's face broke into a shark's grin.

By no means, High General. Were that so your Throneworld would already be a distant memory. There is a being who has stolen armor I thought useless and has managed to make it into a working suit of powered armor. Her nature is that of an ancient lifeform I thought long-suppressed in this world and in any other, and if she is not stopped she shall take my armor and build it into a force sufficient to add yet another factor for total power to the civil war that you primitives

Were she to try this without the armor, I would not be concerned at all, mind you. I operate on a scale where a mere upstart aiming to rule one society within one world, no matter how individually powerful is not my concern. But with the armor, she could become a player on darker scales and bring anew a presence or several that your dimension could do without. If you do not hinder me, I shall not imperil your campaign. If you try to do it, then your army shall no longer exist as they will be as much a hindrance to me as the monster is.

Felakazundu gulped and then nodded.

Right answer.

The Lightdancer then seemed to disappear into the rippling warps in space as though she had never been, save only for a slight and untraceable odor.


Within the Monarchist Camp:

Suvacel grinned as the pieces of the Lightdancer's armor began to hover and whirl around her. It would be amusing to take this and develop a device that would assure her place in perpetuity as a ruler, to be sure. But if you commanded the armor of a God, who needed ruling? With power like this in her hands, she could destroy and burn to her heart's content. She would ascend to higher spheres, would set her throne above the mountains of the Gods. All would kneel before her in the assembly of the masses across an Omniverse whose existence was confirmed by not just the sinister Shadow-woman of the Jehexaderavcal Moon but by the Lightdancers. She would be Most High, Ancient of Days, before whom all that is or would ever be would tremble.

Not a ruler, but a primordial force of destruction. The God and the Monster of primordial myth walking among mortals, now not merely God from the Machine but God empowered by the Machine.

The glowing energies cast eerie shadows as the armor was reforged and grew in size, a colossus forming. The light reflected in her eyes, now pools of eldritch and unnatural light that laughed with the mocking and baying howling of demons......