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Godzilla, default

August 2017


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Godzilla, default

In The Valley of the Shadow:

Chapter XIII: 

The Pass of the Dead, VII Telnakazu:

For all who survived the oncoming horrors, their initial signs were fairly straightforward. The noise and grinding nightmare of the battlefield was stilled for an unnaturally long time, seemingly, for both sides. The artillery and small arms and powers of the air and the Omegas exchanged one last set of blows before the stillness came, and amidst twitching burned corpses, some of which were run straight over by armored vehicles, with depending on their metanormality and invulnerability the damage to the corpse or the the armored vehicle varying greatly. Theirs was a vision of a being that hovered in the air, enshrouded by clouds of billowing smoke that crackled with an eerie light that coursed through it, darkness and light merged into one sinister and strange whole.

From the eerie face, white as snow, of the being whose nine golden eyes burned into them, they heard a rumbling and echoing voice that reached into their very souls and held them paralyzed saying:

Shema Yisrael Adonai Elohenyu, Adonai Echod! Fear the coming of the Hammer of Justice, before whom the Nations tremble! My coming shall be a day of darkness and terrors when the mountains groan in sorrow and faithless ones who allow the despair and darkness to rule them shall fall in pity and ask for mercy where no mercy is there to be given! Woe to the thieves and faithless ones who aspire to power that is not theirs to wield, woe to them who set balance scales and weigh in favor of the good as against the evil. Elohim has made me His hammer, and before Elohim Sabaoth shall the Sabaoth kneel in fear!

The spectre then turned and nine eyes gleamed like suns as the voice spoke:

Even now the voice of Elohim is among you, preparing paths as needed. How deserted is the great city, whose strong men and great warriors boasted in strength! Even now the day of gloom and sackcloth comes upon you, that the glory of Him who revealed all at Sinai in a covenant lasting generations shall be made manifest!

The moment seemed to pass and as Suvacel sought to exploit it to hurl a set of beams at all her enemies, targeting their hearts with cutting blasts of energy, the skies began to warp and manifest an unnatural light show that caused her eyes to stop glowing as she, too, was transfixed by it. The glows seemed to form into a strange kind of writing that flowed from right to left as a voice thundered forth,

Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin!


The first thing Suvacel knew of the Lightdancer was an overpowering force that struck her like lightning and caused her to barrel over on her side in pain, clutching her stomach, feeling her breath sharp with broken ribs, blood pooling on the ground from her mouth, choking on her bleeding lungs, a froth spraying out where the trickle did not. As her healing began to enable her to recover, she saw a tall being like the Baranir of Tamir III.. Clad in dark silver armor emblazoned with a star that seemed made of two triangles, one upside down beneath one right side up, the being was immensely taller and more formidable looking than any child of Tamir III could rightfully be. Not naturally brown as were the children of Tamir III, nor pink like the Northern Gulganir whose cities traversed the northern latitudes, the being had a face unnaturally wide and long, nine eyes glowing with an eerie light. The fist clenched on her right hand showcased what power had struck her, and Suvacel was astonished. The monster on the Jehexaderavcal Moon had not struck with half the power of that blow, and it had been the most formidable creature she had known.

A vise of iron clasped about her throat as the gauntleted hand of the creature that stood before her lifted her into the air effortlessly, and that same reverberating echo spoke with a thunderous power such that her very soul jerked in fear at hearing it:

Hear now the words of the Hammer of Justice, the Iron Fist of Elohim Sabaoth! You have played the whore with strange power that is not yours to claim, you have lusted after Gods and might that is not your own! The tender embraces you have sought have become that of monsters whose organs are those of horses, and whose emissions are those of the flood! The Gods you sought to embrace have left you reeking and keening in the pit of manure, calling pitiably 'Hear oh nations, rally to my plea!' and all they do is walk on the side, contemptuous of one who has fallen into filth and ruin from whoring after that which is not hers to claim.

The iron vice hurled her through the armies with impunity, slamming her right into a tank with sufficient force to obliterate the tank and its crew with the impact, but Suvacel, landing on her back could barely try to get up before the being was in front of her, sonorously continuing:

You have sought in pride to cover yourself in refined jewels and find yourself in the reeking bloodstained cloth torn from the wild beasts, baying in folly for the crimes you have committed. What has been made in realms above let none below seek to claim, let none seek to say to themselves "Come now and let us build together that the very Gods themselves know our names." Elohim Sabaoth I claim, the Universal Emperor who rules countless worlds and stars beyond your wildest dreams is my sire.

You have called to strange Gods and offered strange fire and against you wrath has been kindled! Hear you nations, heed you peoples, the fist of judgment has fallen, light is separated from the darkness! I am the sword of judgment that falls from on high, the hammer of justice that breaks that which defies wrongfully that which is not its to defy, which spurns that which is not its to spurn! Hear O Faithless one, thief skulking in shadows and prisons of your own will, who has known my mind, that they may give me counsel? I am One, like me there is no Other in your world, or above your world, or under your world!

I am the Lightdancer, and I would see what blasphemous dog would lick at the crumbs its masters leave it beneath the table, what child would seek to rule kingdoms it knows not!

Blinking in fear, Suvacel then calmed herself and raised herself up, hovering in the skies. The Lightdancer cocked her head with a seemingly sinister grin.

Come on then, strike as it is in you to strike. Give me your best shot!

And so Suvacel did, calling upon the full power of the Omega Program to create a singular manifestation of energy sufficient upon impact to erase all that would be or would ever be in the environs of the entirety of the Empire, a blast of such triumphant nature that she roared in pleasure, only to see a pillar of smoke with eldritch light coursing through it rise around the Lightdancer and her great weapon disintegrate into nothingness with a shriek of torn atoms that brought many to their ears, crying, ears bleeding from the pain.

Then she saw the Lightdancer, head still cocked with amusement, who straightened her head and lunged for her with a movement so swift she barely had time to recognize it and landing into her with an overpowering destructive force that smashed her into the ground, the spell of silence shattered as the Pass of Gold began to earn its name and Suvacel began to call upon the reserves of raw brute force. Not in hopes of empire forged by fists that could wreck entire stars with difficulty, but in the fear that if she did not do anything less her corpse would be less recognizable than that of the crew of the shattered tank that she had been punched into.
The familiar sensation of the Omega Program surged again, the world became clear. Light and darkness, friend and foe. And the monstrous creature over her whose foot was careening for her chest with a speed that her abilities could just barely detect in time to form a shield hopefully strong enough to resist the impact of that dark silver boot on her armor.......