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Godzilla, default

August 2017


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Godzilla, default

In The Valley of the Shadow, Chapter XII:

The Ruins of Omega Base, VII Telnakazu:

Shanar Hezhatin grinned as he stepped over the bloodied and charred corpses of his unexpected guests, kicking the helmet of one out of the way with a mocking, barking laugh. The nerve of the Monarchists to root through the ruins of a place where Higher Spheres were encountered, to think that Shanar Hezhatin and his men could be so stupidly mocked. Though he was the giant in the giant's castle, bestriding the world that he had made and forged in iron and blood and tears and pain, two faces reappeared unbidden. One, a sinister half-Baranik-like thing with an unholy dished face made him blink and calm himself, the other made him shiver. That one, tall and unnaturally broad about the shoulders had suddenly appeared in this place and laid waste to a vast columnar building, leveling it in a no-holds barred clash of Gods that had slain all but a few in that space, himself, the clones he'd made, and the two Gods themselves. The fear of that day, after the first clash between these entities and the immense horror of the second, did not easily fade.

It was with a genuine fear that, activating a Cerenkhov glow over him he traversed the corridors before him. The fear grew the greater when the unnaturally dark and darkened ruins of the place, coated in a strange type of dust, revealed a large spot that seemed cleaner than all the rest. Finally relaxing on the old chair he'd sat in while waiting on his experiments to work, Shanar Hezhatin relaxed his feet on the dust-ridden metallic surface in front of him, where another unbidden memory came. When the Gods had briefly paused in their great battle, the being in the Red Room had awoken, eyes blazing, and with her  clones darkness had fallen, a darkness unrelentingly powerful and not yet relieved, and only intermittently broken by his Cerenkhov effect. Shaking his head, Hezhatin relaxed, knowing that the Monarchists would soon send reinforcements for their initial platoon.

Soon, he did in fact hear both footsteps and the rumbling of two armored personnel carriers. Grinning slightly, he prepared his own strike when he heard a second sound, like a brief crackling sound, and then screaming intermixed with the crunching and groaning of tearing metal, the squelching of bodies seized by unrelentingly savage forces, and then a final scream followed by a deep crunch as one body was hurled through two walls and collided on one of the arms of the old restraining device for the candidate. As he started and began to call to himself that very fundamental power that was his own, the inducing of radioactive decay, hands beginning to both glow and shimmer as reality distorted around him.

"That's a funny thing isn't it, Lord Hezhatin?" His hands then collided together, fists clenched, knuckles colliding together in a roiling maelstrom of energy and heat that scoured what it surveyed, and as he prepared to yell in triumph, he heard that same sinister voice again.

"Funny thing about the Gods you made, Lord Hezhatin." His ears perked up as he looked in the smouldering rubble he'd made. The triumph welling within his heart withered slightly as he saw the shark grin of the creation he feared most and worst. Suvacel looked at him with eyes that narrowed, her voice echoing with a terrifying resonance. Aside from a bizarre gauntlet, made of a strange material that gleamed weirdly in the light of Shuhar, her clothes were normal ones of a general in the Monarchist army.

"You made us with a power to be in more than one place at once. Oh, I'm not half the genius that lovely lady Hezhatin, your niece, the whelp of a mishmash of species you conceal out of whatever twisted affection you mislabel love in your heart is, but I know enough to know that it is precisely because I am not that none would suspect me of being here, with you. The creation confronting its creator."

He snarled, "And you think that a creator worth his salt would make a creation he cannot control? I have learned long ago not to call up that which I cannot put down. Not a single creation of mine-" and then that monstrous laughter echoed, not merely in ears or mind but at a fundamental level that carried with it cities beneath oceans covered in slime and echoing with primordial power that was old before the oldest life in his dimension first looked uncomprehendingly at the stars in the heavens was there. The voice that spoke echoed with a stranger resonance, "And you likewise think the creation would confront the creator with any less power than you bring?"

She smiled and that gauntlet sparkled with a strange light that arced in lightning-like spirals around the gauntlet, an odd odor marking the air as steam rose. "You gained your true power from the Undying Flame. But this gauntlet.....I found the Red Room, you know. There was a cast-off suit of armor there. A Lightdancer-made device. From scrap metal I forged armor in the past, of a dimension beyond the gates. But now you, master of one of the four forces that keeps reality going in full steam are powerless, because I have made a device of one who crushes the Dark God you follow. All that power, all that treachery, and you find that your Gods do not obey your orders and instead the demons you rouse turn and rend you. So shall we do this, Creator of my existence? Your adoration of the Undying Flame versus my adaptation of the Lightdancer's armor that transcends the stars themselves?"

Hezhatin smiled and pressed a button on his armor. From it began to sound a strange keening wail, but instead of falling unconscious Suvacel's eyes began to blaze with light and six eyebeams smashed into the device, causing it to erupt with a brilliant flash of light. Growling again, Hezhatin formed the growing energies of a nuclear reaction, hands sparking and glowing with an eerie glow that danced between colors, his voice echoing in its own right with a profound depth and reverberation that was, after its own fashion, unnatural.

"I am the God who made you, and all under Heaven shall bow to us!" The light he summoned arced forward and the smiling face of Suvacel seemed briefly obscured as she met it by crossing arms in that strange silver-hued armor, now suddenly revealed to cover the whole of her body, in the shape of an X, smiling triumphantly. Once more a blinding flash of light obscured the whole of the building and the rubble bounced and disintegrated further. The light that surged faded, and Suvacel remained hovering, but half her face was obscured in smouldering rubble, the steaming bones briefly visible as flesh, blood, and nerves re-congealed and her face reformed. Now sincerely angry, Suvacel lunged at Shanar Hezhatin, barely summoned a shield of energy that her fists collided against before they impacted with a resounding crash that might otherwise have been his final sensation. Suvacel growled and then he hurled forth a sudden column of light that impacted into her with a force strong enough to hurl her back, and she growled only to briefly raise herself up as another column hurled her further back.

Raising herself once more, she snarled, clenching her gauntlets together. Crouching forward, she then hurled herself into the skies and dodged two more such columns, before landing and catching Hezhatin's shimmering fist in one hand and then slamming her arm down on his arm with sufficient force to earn a howl of pain from him. Smiling as he fell to his knees, screaming in agony from the impact of the blow in question she then growled and leaned forward.

"Now our question has been answered, at least with this. I can give you a fatal injury here, in the Lightdancer's armor. You know it, and I know it. I have risen in power and in majesty, and you have fallen into being a sniveling little cowardly wretch, a craven who mistakes himself for the glorious who stands forth in majesty over all others. Here, your ambition dies." Then levitating into the air, Suvacel laughed and seemed to wink out of existence.


The Pass of Gold, the same time: 

Suvacel's eyes turned red and her field dress changed from monarchist black to a gleaming silver armor of alien manufacture. Vizornii Hezhatin's eyes widened and she immediately began to create a shield as Suvacel suddenly burst free of her chains, and then flew forward toward Xaderavcar. Roaring in a bellow that made most combatants clasp their ears and in the process lead two aerial assault craft to collide with each other and briefly deranged the aerial aspect of the battle, Suvacel's rushing form threw forth a fist, only for Xaderavcar to catch the fist in an impact that threw aside bodies on both sides with impunity, face grim as she did so. The thunderous impact was followed by Suvacel hurling forth another fist, also caught, and by the creation of a vast crater when the second one was caught. As Suvacel grinned, her red-gleaming eyes then lanced out with six eyebeams that each arced and tore into Xaderavcar, forcing her to dislodge her grip, as Suvacel then leaned downward and collided into her with first her shoulder and then the whole extent of her arm, throwing Xaderavcar into the right cliff of the Pass with a thunderous impact. She then threw herself at the shielded Vizornii Hezhatin, whose own body hurled forward, the two moving at a blur so fast that neither side could detect the other.

For Vizornii Hezhatin, the impact with the Lightdancer's armor was still something of a novelty. Pain was for this reason more pleasurable than a deterrent. To Suvacel, the registration of this pain made her the more pleased and she then threw herself forward like an angered juggernaut, plowing Vizornii Hezhatin through both sides indiscriminately, tearing clean through several armored fighting vehicles, and as her fist was raised, Xaderavcar's hand caught it and she was then propelled along by a sudden impact that sent her careening through the monarchist lines. As Vizornii raised herself to her feet, arm clasped in Xaderavcar's hands, the two nodded. Moving with lightning speed, each careened for Suvacel, who managed to dodge the first swings of their hands, but was then struck by the collision of their feet with her face, brought down to her knees. Both then clasped their fists together and brought them down on Suvacel's back, hurling her into the ground with a thunderous impact, before Suvacel moved with lightning speed and swept them both down with a chop to their knees, raising herself upward and throwing a punch toward Xaderavcar that she blocked even as Suvacel felt Hezhatin slam a Psionic blade into her back. Hearing the metal groan slightly but not break, she savored the momentary shock on both of them by grasping Xaderavcar's arm and hurling her forward toward Vizornii Hezhatin, Xaderavcar colliding with her with a thunderous impact that took them both down.

It was then that Yerzhin Hezhatin, returned to the fight, unleashed a powerful Psionic wave that she responded to by merely smashing her fist into the ground sufficiently to jar him from his feet and cost him his concentration, even as her two foes flew toward her and were scattered by a single thunderous clap of her hands, and she then hurled herself upward, colliding into Vizornii Hezhatin, the fists of both smashing into each other, alternating with Psionic blades that left Suvacel with increasingly powerful migraines, as Xaderavcar flew upward and grasped Suvacel's legs, hurling her down to the ground, whereupon both of her foes initiated a new rain of blows. Suvacel snarled and then this time raised herself upward, withstanding each blow by a combination of her own power and appreciating the full potential of the armor at her disposal. Smiling, she then felt the power cells of the armor as they prepared blasts of a strange gleaming energy that blasted both combatants through the battlefield and then tore through the Diarchist side in massive sweeping waves.

Flushed with triumph, it was then that Suvacel decided to let this battle die for the day by withdrawing. In fear her own side shrank from her, and her enemies decided to take into account the sudden appearance of this new armor. All recognized the gleaming technology as one rumored to belong to a fantastic otherworldly entity and knew nothing of what to make of its appearance. All knew that if these entities were involved that something very terrible indeed was beginning.


The Fortress of Eternity, VII Telnakazu:

That's interesting. Why would my old suit of armor appear in that kind of form? I believe I shall see just what manner of being decides to try to use technology that is not theirs to claim.