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Godzilla, default

August 2017


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Godzilla, default

In the Valley of the Shadow, Chapter IX:

Dawn of 28 Nizaku, Independent Alliance Planetary Command Post:

"Do you have any idea what the little stunts you pulled last time mean for my own superiors? I have to justify working with this monstrous thing that's perfectly happy to turn on our own soldiers, someone who literally will make my best men turn and run if they think remotely that you might turn on them!"

Suvacel, idly picking her teeth and slouching on a couch in perfectly insubordinate fashion turned to the Cthol: 

"Did your men ever tell you why I was kept in a minimum security prison? It's because I'm the bad one, the Xaderavcal-clone with this super-duper program who doesn't bother to work with bells and whistles. See, if you'd recruited someone like Xenevcel you might have done better insofar as canceling out Vizornii, but you don't want that. You want to instill terror in your enemies. You want this Throneworld campaign as a whole to bring about the triumph of the Monarchist cause, and you can't make that work with someone who clinically reduces armies in the fashion most like me do.

You wanted an all-powerful tyrant who instills terror and fear in all that I survey, you got it. Don't piss and moan to me now that you got what you wanted!"

Suvacel put her feet on the ground and leaned forward, head marked by a shark's grin.

"You see, what I said is true. I do think I'm as powerful as any of the Gods. I don't need energetic-armor or Fragmentation Wave maneuvers or any of that other bullshit. I am, bar none, the most powerful and enduring being in physical terms in this setting. My Program's decision to retreat in the Second Battle was because it now has proof of what those airy-fairy guns do to me. They don't do shit. Do you understand that? These guns don't.....do.....shit." 

Suvacel steepled her hands, the shark's grin never changing:

"I don't need them because none of my enemies can do more than give me a slight burn that will heal after a passage of time. I have mastered the ability to change shape, mass, size, and to be without parallel as a melee fighter. I don't need the energetic-attacks, because I want to strangle my enemies to death, to feel them flailing helplessly against me, to enjoy their last breaths and watching their bodies grow cold, and then punting them into Shuhar just to see if I can do it.

I am a God because I can sit in the core of a star and enjoy a nice warm rest, emerging from immense heat and gravity without any effect even on my clothing. I am a God because I can hear the sound of the wind on planets Star Bands away, hear the drops of sweat from people's pores, see atoms vibrating and superclusters in their awesome immensity. I am a God because were I to desire to do it, reality itself could literally crumble at a simple physical maneuver that only looks physical to the untrained observer. I am a God because no little chickenshit who puts on airs because his family discovered an Otherworldly nightmare-creature intent on enslaving and killing all of us can make me yield, no matter the technology. I am a God, ultimately, because even if people made the Omega countless levels higher and greater than it is now, I can still outlast and outpunch any of my more multi-talented counterparts, and if all else fails, I too can do all this psychic shit. They never understand, any of them. I am a God, so why am I going to flaunt the Divine status by trivial things like energy formed as armor?

When my foot punctures the chest of my defeated enemies, then they will know who is supreme." 

Suvacel then returned to lounging.

"So if your superiors are pissed and your soldiers scared, good. You'll need them to be more scared of you than they are of the enemy when they're facing Vizornii Hezhatin and that cousin and father of hers. The three of them are worth more than the rest of that army put together. And if they want my ass fired, they can fucking do it themselves."

She then grinned again and told her, "And after they learn that I survived a mountain deliberately toppled on me with no ill effects, I rather doubt they'll try to change what you do or how you do it." 

The next day, Suvacel appeared from the tent in front of the army group, and then decided to tap into her psionic abilities again. Hovering in the air, eyes glowing a brilliant red, she spoke once more:

"You have been through your first encounters with the full power of an Omega Program and come through intact! Fear not the dark power of the Outer Gods called into mortal forms and imprisoned in a mortal shell. I am greater than that power. I need no flashy lights and demonstrative armors to provide your support. I am the voice of the stars made manifest, the wrath and gore of war given manifestation. I, too, am an Omega. Be warned only of this: beware the green death, for if it is allowed to turn and rend you without my aid, however much you fear me, I shall be by far the kinder to you than a child who's now alone in this world."

The rest of the Standard Week passed for Suvacel as a blur of training and dodging live-fire practice to demonstrate the kind of flexibility and power of the Program without any further annoyances save conferences to plan for the Third Battle. Learning of her role, Suvacel was to grin all the more knowing that her talent for unlimited devastation was about to be given unlimited free rein........