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Godzilla, default

August 2017


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Godzilla, default

In the Valley of the Shadow, Chapter VII:

As Suvacel's power surged forth, Yerzhin Hezhatin began to laugh. The laugh began with a few gasping sounds and then grew into a deep, sinister rolling sound that seemed of both ear and mind.

"All that power," the crushing energy began to weaken as Suvacel surged forth again in a shocked mindset, watching the surge batted away with ease, "no mind worthy of wielding it. All muscle-bound and stupid, no intelligence to effectively use said muscles. Unfortunately for you, with a proper lever one might well maneuver a world." The energy suddenly fractured as Yerzhin stretched out his arms, holding both above his head, fists clenched. His yellow eyes blazed with anger and amusement, before Suvacel suddenly fell headlong to the ground, arms and legs seized in a vice whose nature she only comprehended when she fell into an ammunition dump that exploded with a brilliant light and crackling tendrils of electricity, as Yerzhin Hezhatin descended, following her. As she rose up, unfazed and angry, Hezhatin then blinked and she was thrown into one of the plateaus surrounding the past with a massive crunching sound, creating a rock-slide. At this point Hezhatin then created a vortex within a shield, striking her body with gigantic boulders and pebbles thrown at speeds over Mach 7, the sound shielded from others and from Hezhatin himself by the shield. As the boulders and pebbles were smashed into dust, Hezhatin dropped the shield, only to see Suvacel surrounded by a glowing blue shield, impassively looking at him.

The shield faded. Suvacel calmly floated in the air, arms crossed in front of her chest. Her eyes glowing, she spoke to Yerzhin Hezhatin in a thunderous howl of an aggrieved God:

"You little insect! You seek to harm a God with rocks?! You have no idea of the power at my disposal! You use the power of the mind, and insult brawn. I am a God among worms. To crush you I need only to-"

She was then silenced, her eyes glowing brighter, and slammed again into the ground and hurled along through it creating a deep furrow, tanks and soldiers scattered with ease. As she finally came to a halt from the increasing hardness of the rock beneath her, covered in grime and in the debris of the individuals she'd been hurled through, Yerzhin Hezhatin's voice echoed with equal power:

"You talk too much."

She was then hurled upward into the air, facing Hezhatin, who then smiled.

"And frankly put, for a God you seem to be all too easy to throw around." The next thing Suvacel saw was a fist heading toward her. For one of the rare times in her life, Suvacel felt pain, being hurled again into the battle with a shocked expression on her face. But as she fell, she called upon the power of the Omega and broke the psychic bond that held her arms still. Roaring like an angered lioness, she flew upward toward Yerzhin Hezhatin, and flew through him.......only for Yerzhin Hezhatin to fade out of existence and the real one to tell her, hovering right behind her:

"As I said. All this power and not a single brain worthy of wielding it."

Then a foot hit her head and she fell headlong toward the ground.......only to reverse direction with a sudden twist at lightning speed. As she did so, she suddenly heard an ahem, followed by the appearance of Vizornii Hezhatin. As Suvacel smiled, Hezhatin then grasped her head in an immensely powerful headlock and forced her to look down.

"My cousin's rhetoric may not be what you approve of, but it is nonetheless the truth. Thanks to you, he's single-handedly disrupted the momentum on your side twice in one day. I believe the ordinary battle, to put it politely, is over." 

Suvacel snarled and hurled her fist forward, only to see Vizornii split into two individuals, her body briefly shimmering and jostling enough that Suvacel's jaw and neck hurt for a second afterward before she was let loose. The body shimmered, then seemed to become transparent. What flesh was exposed revealed the internal organs beneath, skulls, eyes, brains, the tangled web of the circulatory system all. The second body then began to firm up into a full duplication of flesh, blood, armor, and even the same posture as the other, arm flexed from a headlock released in the process of the split. Amazed and disgusted alike by the process, Suvacel had remained in a stupor until the second Hezhatin appeared behind her and dealt her a sudden clothesline strike at high speed that led to her falling head over heels to the ground. The first then returned to the battlefield, where the combined-arms forces of her side, briefly disoriented by the metanormal chaos above the battlefield, were already re-forming lines. Using telepathy to ensure the process occurred more smoothly in less time, Vizornii Hezhatin began to serve as a mobile, flying, super-fast, super-strong reserve. What might otherwise have been crippling logistical bottlenecks in two cases were smoothed out in a minute's worth of super-fast, super-strong actions that diverted some supplies where they were needed and re-routed in one case an entire column out of order.

As the Diarchist artillery began a new wave of preliminary attacks, Suvacel faced both Vizornii's repeated blows that in each case sounded like thunderclaps and hit like a tsunami into the face of a drowning person, and Yerzhin Hezhatin's deliberate slowing of her reflexes, ensuring that each blow she sent was too late both to hit Yerzhin and Vizornii, in some cases even annoying her further by pushing her fist right directly into her face. Increasingly angered by Yerzhin Hezhatin's meddling, as she saw it, Suvacel then clapped both her hands together with a force sufficient to create a sonic boom, pushing Vizornii aside just long enough in the process to grab Yerzhin. Her intention to choke him, however, was disrupted by the odd difficulties she encountered forcing her hands to enclose around his neck.

Yerzhin Hezhatin then smiled and smashed his knee into her stomach, causing her to release him, and then dealt her an overpoweringly strong blow to the chest that hurled her right back toward Vizornii Hezhatin. The green-skinned, black-striped Xhemkhik smiled and moved two hands together into a single fist that hurled Suvacel toward the battlefield. There, as Vizornii Hezhatin spearheaded the pursuit of the first task forces against the Monarchist rearguard, whose artillery batteries were disrupted by the first Vizornii, Suvacel attempted to fly toward her, only to see the second teleport right underneath her, smiling. Then she noticed the second Vizornii Hezhatin's hands were sparking. Blasted upward into the sky, Suvacel reflected that she was now extremely angry. That one Omega still fought for the insects was enough to infuriate her. That the extremely powerful, massive insect was able to fight her on a pretense of an equal footing, however, made her increasingly lose sight of reason.

It was then that she blinked and a wave of the Omega Program's power surged outward, Yerzhin Hezhatin shielding himself and bracing himself while maintaining his poise in mid-air, both Vizornii Hezhatins shielding themselves. The wave of psychic power and lightning-fire that launched itself on a vast scale, however, smashed everything larger than a ukudakii, resulting in the loss of cohesion. Recognizing this, the first Vizornii Hezhatin managed to extend her own shield, limiting the first wave of danger to the advancing force. Angered more by this, Suvacel then grinned with a smile that reached from ear to ear, and stretched out her arms. Gestures were mere theatrics for power that was in actuality only her willpower extending itself. But sometimes theatrics paid. The wave increased in power, leading to the first rumblings as the mountainsides around the past began to crack under the power displayed.......