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Godzilla, default

August 2017


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Godzilla, default

A bit of sweet irony....(tastes like Juicy Fruit!)...

On occasion, I like to quiz my friends who obsess on certain topics. If I go into a literary major crowd and hold the door open for everybody, I say "Enter freely and of your own will." So....keep in mind that I don't just pick on the "Bible-Reading Bible-Believing" crowd here.

I attend a SoBap Church, where many people claim to both have read the Bible and know everything in it. So....my little tripper-upper is that when they ask me what I've been doing I say "I've been going to and fro the Earth and up and down in it."

Only one person has gotten that so far, and that person doesn't even attend the Church. I've yet to spring it on the pastor, but I'm shooting for that this Sunday.

What makes it really humorous is that those who say loudest "I read the Bible every single day," almost never recognize the quote. *feral grin.*


It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

I should mention that if I see physics majors I say
"May the Forces be with you."

With chemistry majors it's usually something to the effect of "Tubular."

And with geology students I say "Rock on, dude!"
So, I assume you greet English majors with a hearty "Word!"
No, more with "Yo my bookie!"

I'd best be careful, I say that to the wrong person I could be booked. >.>

And that might indeed be worse than keeping books.

Indeed. My rights are one thing I'd rather not be read.

Not even by the number crumchers who profess that they can keep the books in secret?

;p sorry couldn't resist. .=p
Surely not, if they write the wrong write I'll be sitting in prison next to a prisoner named Long Wright. ;P
::surrenders while laughing:: ;p

foood time!
The judge will throw the book at you!
Do you often go into MAJOR crowds, Major? xD

That would be making a minor issue into a major one, and well....I'd rather see sharp here than be flat on that.
I approve.

(Of the technique, not of going to and fro upon the Earth, necessarily)

Got anything on Engineers?
I do.

"How's about a little bridge-building?"

I'm nowhere near that civil!
But you are a bit shocking at times.
That's electrical. I'm aerospace.
That flew over my head.