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Godzilla, default

August 2017


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Godzilla, default

Under L sez about the new women in politics:

I believe that a great deal of the idea that women are more down-to-earth and peace-minded than men in politics is due to the reality that male privilege has made men the main beneficiaries and people in position to exercise high office. Women, who thus often break the glass ceiling, are required thus also have a moral integrity and squeaky-cleanness far beyond that applied to men in politics. It should say something that the oldest US branch of government, so far as people in the Federal government are concerned, is the House of Representatives with Representative http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeannette_Rankin who was elected as one of the Republican Representatives from Montana (and yes, she was in the Theodore Roosevelt wing of the party). Congresswoman Rankin, I might note, was also the only Congresscritter to ever vote against entry into both World War I and World War II. Yes, at one point people voted on war declarations and could even (gasp) vote against them.

Where was I? Oh yes. There are certain ideas that recur where men are in some ways seen as more violent and more corrupt and in general the root of most of the evils of the established political system. This of course is because the established political system has been overwhelmingly in control of men across the world ever since Stone Age man began to grow crops instead of following nomadic wandering paths after them. This idea, ironically, occurs in both some strands of feminism and in the Anglosphere ideas of the separate spheres that showed up after the industrial revolution (which, BTW, didn't exist prior to that due to limits on the agriculture and infrastructure of older societies).

Yet as male privilege slowly and painfully erodes in favor of equality under the law for both men and women, I believe it will become apparent that instead of being morally superior to men, women are very much equal to men in capacity for corruption, thuggery, and authoritarian politics. For most of the last 6,000 years they've never had a serious opportunity to do anything on par with men. However I also believe that the SRY gene is after all merely a biological trait that differentiates different bodies from each other. Women (including transwomen) will certainly be no more and no less corrupt, thuggish, and authoritarian than men are.

However I will also note that this is what I believe the future *will* hold and that for the present I am perfectly content to support women's rights and key ones at that like the right to choose and believe also that educating women across the world is perhaps the most likely route to eliminating a lot of the problems in the poor countries in the long term. With the enormous caveat applied to that that people do not as a rule *live* in the long term. And most of the ones who advocate thus are the ones who also would not be having to *wait* long term for what they're talking about and already have it.


Women (including transwomen) will certainly be no more and no less corrupt, thuggish, and authoritarian than men are.