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Godzilla, default

August 2017


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Godzilla, default

In the Valley of the Shadow, Chapter VIII:

Vizornii Hezhatin, recognizing what Suvacel was up to, briefly dispelled her shield, her eyes glowing.

"You call yourself a God, but you are merely the schoolyard thug given the power of a God, lacking the driving will and iron force to wield it properly!" 

Her voice echoed with an awe-inspiring resonance that brought everyone save Suvacel, even Yerzhin Hezhatin, to his knees, clutching their ears, wailing in agony as the sound seemed to claw at their very souls.

"This is what you call a God when it is wielded properly!" Hezhatin's hands glowed and seemed to form gauntlets of a crackling bluish-white lighting flame, Suvacel's eyes narrowing with suspicion and then the gauntlets struck her with seismic force, hurling her into the mountainside she had begun to crumble. Such was the impact that the mountain fell upon her, and Suvacel's eyes could briefly be seen getting very wide and then narrowing in extreme anger, the smoke and rubble of the falling mountain shrouding the day in blackness. Vizornii Hezhatin, meanwhile formed the same energetic-pattern into an equivalent to a strange kind of armor, the whole giving her normally green skin a semi-transparent bluish coloration, and her motions leaving traces after them in the air, retaining her bi-location now likewise clad as a back-up.

A deep and horrendous roar like the grinding of two boulders together echoed from the mountain, as several chunks of the mountain miles long were tossed into the air and Suvacel rose from the mountain, unharmed save for a dust-covering, eyes now glowing a deep and brilliant crimson hue. Suvacel stood amidst the crumbled ruins of a mountain, and then hovered into the air. Looking at the twin Vizornii Hezhatins, eyes glowing with fell light, she hissed:

"Very convenient, isn't it? They make us gods and then condemn us for daring to act as is our natural right! How can mortals make gods and then demand us act like them? We ceased to be them when we stood up and cracked Heaven and subdued the infinite darkness of the land of the dead!"

As the Vizorniis merged, Suvacel smiled and then turned to Yerzhin Hezhatin, who flew up to her and struck her with a wave of telekinetic force.

"As I said, all that power and a mind beneath the strength at your disposal. Disgusting."

Whirling around, Suvacel snarled.

"I am a god! You are an insect, a mewling whelp beneath me, to a point that I need only descend upon you in power and in glory and send you to the land of the dead! Go now, while I still allow it."

Yerzhin's eyes flashed and Suvacel's eyes widened. The telepathic scrambler was such a simple move, really. And it was this that set her off finally.

Before he could react, Yerzhin Hezhatin felt a massive piledriver-like blow that carried with it a shock wave that manifested in the air, visibly, barely forming a telekinetic shield around himself that enabled him to land only winded, creating a massive crater. The monster that stood over him then roared, falling to the ground and becoming quadrupedal. The armor around it mutated, becoming like a secondary skin, and the monster's face changed. The ensuing hulking creature with its monstrously Xentenir-esque mouth towered over Yerzhin and over most of the battlefield, reaching the size of the great armored behemoths that made up the best exploiting arm the Imperial Bizjarran Armed Forces could offer.

Her voice rumbled:

"Behold, the God you have made now turns to you in judgment."

With that, her form disappeared into a blur and armies on both sides howled as soldiers' bodies were crushed by an overwhelming force they could not see, artillery and armor shattered into firey ruins, the flames illuminating the path of the lighting force consuming them, planes attempting to prepare to fire and doing so uselessly. Vizornii, now truly angry, formed a third bi-location, more swiftly clad in the glowing energetic-armor than the other two, and they all three zoomed in on Suvacel as her monstrous form tore through yet another armored fighting vehicle, laughing maniacally with the throat of an animal with a sound akin to the sinister baying of a monstrous creature from beyond the stars.

Suvacel then rose up, the monstrous form of the oversized Limb-Crawler roaring in a deep foghorn-like bellow as its twin-pronged, heavily-fanged lower jaw widened, forming a kind of energy from its throat. The three Vizornii Hezhatins instead moved around it, one in front of the monster, one on its side, one behind it. Each formed weapons, the first forming a shield and a massive mace, the second two forming spectral weapons akin to the VG-class plasma rifle. The Limb-Crawler seemed to grin and then prepared to unleash the flames growing in its throat when the spectral mace of energy smashed into one of its eyes, causing the creature to fire the blast into the air, taking down the central co-ordination airplane of the Monarchist side, and then the spectral VG-class weapons unleashed a glowing blast akin to the discharge of the plasma rifle. Suvacel, the rest of her undamaged eyes widening at the horrifying nature of pain that she had seldom, if at all, felt hitherto, then transformed back into her own form, and decided that it was now time to listen to her own Program which was indicating that a tactical retreat was required.

In the wake of the tremendous devastation unleashed by the Omegas, the two sides in the Valley of the Dead called a halt to operations in a mutual truce that would last a Standard Week, the time just sufficient to bury the dead and for each side to begin to reappraise its place. Vizornii, however, turned down an offer of leave-time knowing that if she did so, the monster on the other side would immediately disregard the truce and crush its enemies like a juggernaut from the Dark Realms. For both sides, the ensuing Standard Week would prove a vital time to rest, recuperate, and decide how strategies could work when individuals worth the entirety of the rest of the force could easily derail the best-laid plans and strategies. In addition, there was the rather more mundane business of allotting ammunition and establishing fire plans for the next phase of the campaign.

On the first evening of the campaign, Vizornii Hezhatin learned from Yerzhin that the commander of the Imperial Throneworld Sector, High General Felakazundu, wished to see her and that while the request was phrased as a wish, that it was an order. With hesitation, Vizornii teleported to the General's HQ, there waiting outside of it patiently while learning he was with a distinguished guest. When an orderly told her to go in, she did enter, and her eyes widened.

"Hello, Father." she said.