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Godzilla, default

August 2017


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Godzilla, default

In the Valley of the Shadow, Chapter VI:

Outskirts of Ekevanzhir Prison, Hataria, Dawn of 27 Nizaku: 

The Task Force paused outside the prison. While under orders to maintain strictest silence in communications, that didn't stop the soldiers from griping in earshot.

"We are twelve different kinds of damn fools. We already have seen these kinds of metas kill our boys without any survivors, so what does the High Command send us to do? Free some criminal we don't even know about." 

The speaker, a tall Alf, turned his green eyes hidden behind his armor to the prison, pointing with a single long finger.

"This, for all the Gods, is a minimum-security prison. Why would a dangerous enemy be kept within a minimum-security prison?" 

The sappers who'd finished setting up the charges then gave the signal, at which point the task force drew back. The infantry re-entered their personnel carriers, awaiting the detonation of the explosives. The soldiers cheered as the explosive detonated with the eerie crackling flame that marked a plasma bomb. The field shielding the minimum-security prison fell apart as they looked expectantly toward the prison, only to have five of their number slain when the door was thrown at a speed none of them could react to.

Suvacel stood before them.

"By the point you're seeking me, I take it, things haven't gone so well. Is it that the Omega Program is almost an end for you?"

The captain leading the task force barely had time to nod before all the soldiers were lifted into the air by Suvacel's willpower alone, suspended in invisible vice-grips.

"You only forgot one thing: the other Omegas are fools enough to obey the laws of them who make us into Gods. I don't."

The last thing the soldiers saw was her eyes beginning to glow. Smiling as the task force that freed her was no more, Suvacel calmly breathed in and out twice, then hurled herself into the air with the shattering force of a sonic boom soon following. If fools rushed in where the Gods feared to tread, it was only just and right that they reap their due....


Monarchist High Command, Pass of Gold, two minutes later:

Before her men's communications and those of the AIs could register an in-bound object that neatly wove its way through the air screen, the monarchist commanding general left her command post when a sonic boom swept through the entire post, disabling two of her subordinates with more sensitive hearing and temporarily deafening everyone there. As she left, skin colored a brilliant yellow in anger. The anger faded to the white of fear when she saw a figure clad in a convict's outfit hovering above her face so that she had to look up. The figure was posed with both hands in front, the first two fingers pointing upward, the two thumbs pressed together. Six eyes glowed with an eerie blue lightning-flame, the glow merging into a single crackling energy-field.

"I am the one your soldiers were sent for." 

The Cthol's skin-color shifted to a mottled light and dark green, the color of agreement, with a burbled sound that was an affirmative. Then the skin-color shifted to bluish-white and then to mottled brownish-dark green, a few burbled words of interrogation following. Suvacel then telepathically sent the message that the soldiers had underestimated the force-field, and that they had no means to compensate for the energetic backlash. Then Suvacel noted that she was at the disposal of her allies, provided it was on her own terms. This she ensured with a slight shift in willpower registered with a smoothing of the flame into a glowing bright blue light, followed again by the shift to green and the burbling Uuirzhuin of an affirmative.

Suvacel grinned and the message was sent that as was willed, so it would be.


The Second Battle of the Pass of the Dead:

The infantry found that in the storm engulfing the battlefield that weapons which they knew were more accurate might miss individual shots. Some of this was the result of the chaotic battles between the Hezhatin cousins and the Jotnar, Yerzhin choking the life out of two Jotnar by simply extending mental pressure and directing their flame into a backblast against their fellow officers, while Vizornii was a green and silver blur swinging with thunderous fists and releasing wides-spread energetic effects from her eyes and hands against three huge, full-sized Jotnar. One of these beam-blasts, originating as six beams that combined into one single arc managed to finally sever one of the Jotnar altogether in half and sliced the leg of another in half, enabling Hezhatin to disable it with a telepathic scrambling strike, followed by shielding herself in energy and flying straight through another, launching the blue lightning-flame into it, corroding it as the battle went on.

For the infantry in their personnel carriers, this meant that they saw shots fire short, other shots fire long, some shots fire with the momentum taken and thus primarily charring the ground. For the artillery this meant that their shots periodically struck Jotnar who were sending their own fists and energy at Vizornii in the midst of that battle, and that connecting with the enemy desired was much more difficult than they would have wished. For the armor, on the other hand, it meant a gold mine, and those infantry forces most closely clustered with strong armored forces found the battle a very unpleasant engagement as it was at much closer ranges than they were used to.

Each side sustained heavy losses, but the effect of Hezhatin defeating the three Jotnar that surrounded her meant that the Diarchist artillery began to tell with an increasingly accurate set of shots. For the soldiers on the monarchist side, this meant that they were to be increasingly forced to retreat, the moreso when Vizornii Hezhatin swooped by individual pockets of armor and artillery and released blasts that detonated them, leading to armored personnel carriers seeking to carry out a tactical retreat, struck by rounds that fell short, and progressively turning a still partially organized battle plan into a disorganized melee.

As the clash of armies continued to unfold, Suvacel then turned her face to the battlefield. She then zoomed up into the air, flying in a straight angle not for Vizornii Hezhatin, but for Yerzhin, who was effectively throwing around vehicles and soldiers alike while detonating ammunition dumps, an individual spearhead for a combined-arms task force that was slowly reaching the midpoint of the first Monarchist line. The first sign that Hezhatin had of this was when his will suddenly stopped having any effect other than maintaining his personal shield. Although this fell apart, the sheer concentrated mass of firepower behind him was able to sustain the advance on its own right, while Hezhatin then turned toward Suvacel and lifted himself up in the air.

'How did you get free?'

'How do you think?'

After her response, Suvacel then collided with Yerzhin Hezhatin in mid-air, Hezhatin's telekinesis shielding him from the damaging impact that might have otherwise ensued, while he attempted to use his telepathy to make Suvacel let go. Instead her grip tightened, and her face broke out into a ferocious grin..........