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Godzilla, default

August 2017


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Godzilla, default

In the Valley of the Shadow, Chapter V:

The Pass of Gold, the Dawn of 27 Nizaku: 

In the wake of the first and most devastating battle thus far fought on the Throneworld during the war, both sides spent time retooling their intended strategies. What had seemed a matter of hours before this began soon slid into days, and it was to be two Imperial Standard Days after the intended nighttime preparation that the attack would finally go in. This time the intention was to unleash the newly minted sergeant with the aerial strike force which would be unleashing a softening-up set of raids, before the infantry would begin an offensive much more properly co-ordinated than the first one, due to having integrated self-propelled artillery of the regular and the missile variety to bolster firepower.

The aerial battlecraft took off that morning, and Hezhatin, after focusing consciously on the exercises her cousin had taught her, soon entered the entranced-like state of the Omega Program, taking off into the air with the impact of a hypersonic shockwave following her. The aerial battlecraft began to swoop down on enemy positions, following track records identified by Lord Hezhatin, but as their missiles and bombs began to fall a curious kind of firey energy-shield warded away the strikes so that they detonated outside the region where the blast would affect the dug-in position. The Omega Program soon identified the source and the nature of these shields, and covering Vizorniii Hezhatin's body in that lightning-fire like energy, she zoomed through one of the shields with an impact like the eruption of a volcano. Landing, Hezhatin's energy-shielded body faced a gigantic being which, displeased at the impact on its magic, had transformed into a 30-meter tall figure of fire and molten lava, its voice roaring with a sound like boulders grinding against each other. The creature created forms of what seemed like molten rock sheathed in flame, which consolidated into a gigantic maul and shield suiting a thirty-meter tall monster of lava and flame and rock. As it launched itself toward her, the Omega Program created a more consolidated shield around Hezhatin, who proceeded to zoom toward the Fire-Jotunn with a set of lighting-fast blows that sounded like peals of thunder. The blows successfully smashed into the shield, forcing the Fire-Jotunn back, while Vizornii sensed the power of Yerzhin Hezhatin's mind now turning toward other Jotnar.

As Hezhatin then moved further for a set of what appeared to be more blows, the Jotunn braced itself, until Hezhatin began to zoom around it at super-speed, accelerating faster and faster and faster to the point that she proceeded to make a kind of anaerobic small vacuum that choked out the flame of the Jotunn, which returned to a human-like size, attempting to assert its power through the cyclone, and failed. As it did so, a mass wave of artillery using counterbattery fire eliminated this one battery. As the other Jotnars' power wavered just for a few seconds, more directed firepower launched itself onto the various batteries, removing some of them, the Jotnar in other cases shielding the artillery. The strikes continued, as Vizornii replaced the individual attack approach with a massive set of Omega-bombardments, individual small masses of energy splitting into more masses, the resulting scatterized attack disrupting more artillery and stunning some of the Jotnar, while angering others.

Though the artillery was not as devastated as the Army Group Commander wished, he decided to authorize the immediate launching of the first wave, organized in a set of joint-arm breakthrough task forces, heavily tilted to firepower, the infantry riding in the more heavily armed and armored, albeit slower, personnel carriers and joined by armor and artillery in an attempt to force by firepower the result, the soldiers on both sides showed a relief at an ability to have a more or less 'ordinary' fight, the kind of battle that they were prepared for. The artillery and armor began further softening-up firepower as the first infantry equipped with anti-armor weaponry opened fire in their own right......